The Lonely World Of The Dudley Corporation - 10th Anniversary Remasters

by The Dudley Corporation

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Originally released on September 10th 2001: 'The Lonely World Of The Dudley Corporation-Rock LP' (slab05) Full Length LP on Scientific Laboratories. Released Oct 15th in the UK. 200 copies on clear vinyl. US release on Flameshovel August 2002.

Those who purchase the whole LP get a bonus track, a song not good enough to get on the LP at the time. A terrible song! There's an incentive for you!


released September 10, 2011

'The Lonely World' is the first LP by our band The Dudley Corporation.

When booking Chem 19 in Glasgow, and telling the studio we intended to record and mix 15 songs in 4 days, I distinctly remember a barrel of guffaws ringing down the phone line. Quite remarkably, a diet of Old Jamaican Ginger Beer and the remarkable stamina of engineer Andy Miller, saw us through.

As it was all recorded in such a flurry, memories are hazy but it was an experience I remember with great fondness. Things like drinking so much tea on the first day we almost had to abandon the sessions we were so jittery with caffeine, Alan Barr from the Delgados dropping in to play sublime cello in return for a bottle of whiskey and a bag of chips, which sat beside him as he recorded. Pip sleeping soundly on the couch while all hell broke loose with the loudest guitar overdubs ever. The ever disappearing lack of human colour from poor Andy's face as we put him through hell and the hours wore on. Never did he flag with his cry of "that's great, pal!" or "d'ya wanney come 'n havae lishen?" after each take.

During the big group choir ending of the last song, in the tiny gap right at the end you can just hear the briefest snippet of a mobile phone going off, much to the dismay of it's owner, Linda, who was even more appalled at having to tell us it was a Belle & Sebastian ringtone. I wonder should we have cleared the rights to that. Just before that moment, too, you can barely hear Andy and his droll cameo, "This will end the album". Which it certainly did.

Anyway, it was a remarkable experience, and one that's been a pleasure to revisit for these remasters. As everything was done in such a flurry of youthful haste, we've never been overly happy with the finished sound of the album, and can blame no-one other than ourselves and our impatience to get it completed.

Thats why we were so delighted when our friend Dubh David Black offered to have a look at polishing up the original recordings, little did we know he'd spend months poring over every detail and doing his damnedest to help the music really come to life. It's been a revelation to have the murky low end cleaned up, and for Pip's phenomenal bass playing to finally get the highlight in the mix it deserves. This was the only LP Pip played on with us, so it's brilliant now that his hugely important corner of the Corpo is properly presented.

Anyway, 10 years on and we're still following a foolhardy notion of trying to live up to that first LP, it just takes us a lot longer these days....

*Original sleeve notes*

The Corpo are Pip, Dudley and Joss.

Instruments played were guitar, drums, bass, xylophone, accordian, harmonica, musical saw, keyboards and the human hand. Alan Barr played cello on Quick. Chris Leonard played banjo on Hed. Claire Timmins sang on One In A Squillion and on the last song Chris, Claire, Andy, Honey, Linda, Sarah Dorman, Sandy, Angela and Jackson Blair sang like angels. Floor space provided by Keith McIvor. Car space by Sandy. Paintings by Dudley. Cover by Sarah Jarvis.

Recorded to 2" tape by Andy Miller in Chem 19, Hamilton, Scotland over 4 days in June 2001.
That's great, pal!

Originally mastered by Fergal Davis at Apollo, Dublin.

Remastered in 2011 by Dubh David Black in A Wooden Spaceship, Portland, Oregon.

Many special thanks to Dubh who went above and beyond in making us happy with the remasters.


all rights reserved



The Dudley Corporation Dublin, Ireland

The Dudley Corporation are Joss, Mark and Dudley.

Dublin gents with 4 LPs under their decaying belts.

In brief, they play short rock songs with wit, verve, romance and booksmarts.

Their shows are notoriously frenzied, visceral and exciting affairs with one song careering into another or stopping on a sixpence, as they say in football parlance.

They are quite old.
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Track Name: Score
Doh Ray Mi Assholes
Burn me out
Unkempt in solos
Don’t even know my scales.

We break your rules cos we know we can’t get caught
No engineer put me in this hole

‘D’you get the letter, did it make you feel better?’
Oh no, solo, don’t go
‘It’s full of lies that I hope you don’t mind’
Oh no, solo, don’t go

Making these entries
Mortal and sullied

You caught my eyes on your grey scale thighs
Lost composure, got lost in all your lies

‘D’you get the letter, did it make you feel better?’
aow, aow , aow
‘It’s full of lies that I hope you don’t mind’
Aow, aow, aow
Track Name: One In A Squillion
Trace your outline in my bed
Place my hands where you'd rest your head
The cotton is cold, and I can only hold
Your body in my memory


Can’t seem to face
The things I made
In your image in case I betray
The hardest part of my heart, oh my love

Oh, those times we'd float around
Drunk on ourselves and
Drunk out of our minds


Scream out loud at the wasted nights
Miss all the stupid things
You’d say, dear, to soothe me
And tease out all my fears
Track Name: Divil The Bit
The ink dries off and the words left permanent
The sentiment applies, but our motives are wasted
Time took a back seat to the hands that pushed us away
As we settled for less than our values belied

Our feet worn and ragged, from all the miles beneath us
Our tongues torn and tattered, from all the fights we’ve had to have,
We never knew a limit, never drew ourselves a line,
But the minutes were our guidance, and our tears were lined with smiles

Arms held together like crayoned-in spider webs
Our skin seems to scream like a heart attack carnival

Take my hand, I’ll walk with you
I’ll make you forget all the things
You hate about yourself and I’ll
Start a million fights for you and make
You want my best ideas and take me home

So I’ll take a deep breath
And I’ll scream out your name
And I’ll dance around the room

And I’ll colour
In your laugh lines cos your smile has been dying
And I’ll make up
Histories for us in diaries we’ll never read
And the coastlines
That map your heart I’ll wander forever
But it’s freezing
In your own sadness when honesty takes over
Track Name: Stutter
The day runs out
Of light and shade
You tried to leave
But the room lost its shape
You can still see her laughing and clapping
When you close your eyes
You can still see her smiling and happy
When you fall asleep

Her open dress, her open blouse
Her hands move in
And out of your mouth

The keys get stuck
The screen melts away
Your tears won’t stop

You can still hear her saying she’s leaving
When you close your eyes
You can still see her crying and screaming
When you fall asleep

Her open dress, her open blouse
Her breasts fall out,
And into your mouth,
Her face moves in
Her sweat rubs off
You dance inside her
You dance all night

Her open dress, her open blouse
Her face moves in
And out of these thoughts,
You dance inside her
And you wake up in sweat
But she’s never there
When you open your eyes
Track Name: Stupid
You’ll chase me out of
Your wedding
You’ll chase me out of
But I’ll run riot at
Your funeral
Cos your ghost can't
Haunt me there

I mix intention
Without belief
I string words together
And I don't know what they mean
What you saw inside me
Was everything stupid
I could show you

'By no means hide
Your idiot,
Let words run out
And clasp
Anything that makes sense
Pin it on to your chest'

'By no means hide
Your idiot,
Let words run out
And clasp
Anything that makes sense
Scratch them into your chest'
Track Name: She Falls
It’s awful cold
This winter
Days run off
Like tears
Our race is run

Falling down
Become you
Cos I can pick you up
We’ll laugh out loud

But all these tears
Welcome home

The leaving lasts a lifetime
I forget to breathe
And you feed me air

But all those years
Of sadness
You hide behind those eyes
We’ll turn to joy

And all those tears
Welcome home

No more tears
Welcome home
Track Name: A Song Against The City
Sleeping around to get an idea
Of what you do when you’re not here
In the arms of some old hag
Feel so cheap and useless

Something’s in the water

When I learn I’ll start to attack
The city that’s built me, the city that laughs
At every plan I’ve ever tried to make
I’ll pull it apart, I’ll tear of its face
And watch it kick and scream and plead
The ambulance will go
Mee maw mee maw mee maw

Something’s in the water

And if you try to stop me in my tracks,
I’ll knock you down; I’ll break your back
And if you leave with all the world in tow
I’ll rip out your pews and tear down your homes

Something’s in the water

Track Name: The Small Hours
It’s a little too early for last orders
But it's a little too late for me to stay
And the barman doesn't want to know
So I’ll go away

Get lost in all my little secret histories
While trying to write a fresh page in this book
But the drink takes the piss out of my sadness
Made out a silence that your voice had broken
There’s not much too break when you've grown up

Maybe I should be afraid
Cos when you look at me
Things get a little weird
I think I
Should leave

Spend the night staring at the telephone
Wishing that I had the balls to call
But I think I’ll just pour another class
And curse your name under my breath and make my
Way into my bed and grab my crotch and tease out all the
Fun we used to have
The walls start to breathing and my stomach starts screaming
And I puke into the small hours and die
Track Name: Quick
Gentle and quick, she rolls over
She extends her arm to the light switch
She extinguishes the brightness
And lights me up inside

For hours after, the only thing that matters
Is her breath on my skin
Makes me think of more sin
Then she asks me, to be her blanket
I pull her closer, and watch her sleep

Morning slides in, and I can only hear her breathing
I counted every breath, while she was sleeping
She rolls over, and wants me to kiss her
So I kiss her, and she lights me up inside
Track Name: Slowed In Motion
Slowed in motion, arms aren’t broken; they’re just hanging there
Feeling birdlike and I’m hoping, that they’ll take to the air
Then I’ll fly inside, right between your thighs,

The hours fly by, in slow motion, and we’re just laying there
In some bed, and wrapped around you, cold but I don’t care
Then you turn, kiss me, and set me off.
Track Name: RKP
No matter how it happened, it still took me by surprise.
Day 3, she'd got to me, turn turn turn
I couldn't help myself
I fell in love, I fell into...
Some hazel eyes

A breath, a laugh, a smile, a twitch
Her last kiss
It takes so long to say goodbye,
Then she’s gone, I lose myself
I fell in love, I fell into…
Her hazel eyes
Track Name: God Only Knows...
We’re 2 bodies caught
In twisted shapes, spread and sweaty heaps
Blow out
So cold

We drink our wine
And lay together through these wretched nights
Blow out
Slow steps

We curse our luck
We pray the deities and ghosts still hope
For us
So slow
Hold on…
Track Name: Hed
I can’t take you home
The letters I wrote and the words I spoke
Mean nothing to you
Your hands in my hands
Just saying goodbye and what are the things
I should say to you

The attacks on my heart last all night
But I’m not afraid of your cruellest words
I get caught on the silence
That follows you out of the room
Track Name: The Out Song
Stars collapse around you
As you ride away
May I wrap around you
So that you might stay

May I be your guidance?
You’re sorry looking glass
Or your eyes in darkness
Or just a safe way home

The night is weak for you
The air is tired
The moon is a smile to you
And the earth is a sigh

For hours I’ll hold you
I’ll wear your make up
Take the arrows for you
When the world is on fire

All going to
Raise our voices
All going to
Raise our families
All going to
Raise our glasses
This will end the album

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