Year Of The Husband

by The Dudley Corporation

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"Year Of The Husband" is the 3rd LP by The Dudley Corporation. With our 3rd bass player! Thankfully Mark has been with us now for more years than we all care to remember

Released by US label Absolutely Kosher in Summer 2008, it was an LP borne of a protracted gestation. Sessions took place in France, the US and Ireland, including the legendary Inner Ear (Fugazi/Dischord) in Washington DC. Guests include Carol Keogh, Nigel Farrely and Kenseth Thibideaux. Something like 4 years in the making. Ridiculous.

The artwork was by Rick Froberg, him out of Drive Like Jehu, Hot Snakes and now Obits. Check his things at

You can purchase the physical copies of the LP from


released July 4, 2008

In this, the year of the husband, the Corpo were Mark, Joss and Dudley. Instruments played included a bunch of guitars, bass, drums, tambourine, saw, piano, mellotron, lovely whistle and a microkorg. Carol Keogh sang for Ireland on a bunch of stuff, as did Nigel Farrely and Love Story In Blood Red.

Kenseth Thibideaux spread his talents on us while Brian and Nataly Kelly sailed over some smooth piano. Steve Kiraly percussed and Jeff Linnell flauted.

Chris, Miriam, Dolmhain, Igor, Snakey, Cara, Brent, Jorg, Annie, Brian, Nataly, Dan, Edra, Jeff, Pantone 247, Sandy, Angela and Jackson Blair didn't give up.

All songs written by the Corpo, except the piano bit on "Stepout", sampled from "Battle Lines Are Drawn" by Waiting Room, 2nd verse written by Carol Keogh and "Don't Give Up, Stupid" written with Kenseth


Recorded in sequence between Dec '04 and April '06 at Robowski (Wexford, IR), Lab East (Chicago, IL), Inner Ear (Arlington, VA), Black Box (Nantes, FR), Nigel's dining room (Cork, IR), Donal's bedroom (Dublin, IR), Dudley's front room (Dublin, IR), One Zero Zero (Belfast, NI) and Sexist Chocolate (Chicago, IL).

Recorded in sequins by Rob Bochnik, Kris Poulin, Don Zientara, David Odlum, Nigel Farrely, Donal O'Mahony and Rocky O'Reilly (who did the lions share, though it nearly killed the poor bugger).

Mixed by Kris Poulin at Sexist Chocolate and Volume in Chicago, Rob Bochnik at Robowski, and David Odlum at Black Box.

Mastered by John Golden at Golden Mastering, Ventura, CA.

Front cover and crows by Rick Froberg
Back cover by Dudley

Art assembelage by Fiachra.

Special thanks to Graham Mackey, Donny Van Zandt, Cory Brown, Steve Kiraly, Hugh McCabe, Dan Sullivan, Damian Coleman, all lenders of gear '05, Pinback and especially Rocky and Kris, all honorary Corpo members.

Animapals - Handicat, Milo, Cincicat, Brujeria, Beag, Tito, Bailey and Maggie May.

For Barb, Jill and Giita


all rights reserved



The Dudley Corporation Dublin, Ireland

The Dudley Corporation are Joss, Mark and Dudley.

Dublin gents with 4 LPs under their decaying belts.

In brief, they play short rock songs with wit, verve, romance and booksmarts.

Their shows are notoriously frenzied, visceral and exciting affairs with one song careering into another or stopping on a sixpence, as they say in football parlance.

They are quite old.
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Track Name: The Lens Begin
Bloodied and bowed, and out of your mind,
You're shaking like a leaf, your smile is fading

Caught! With dirt in your mouth
Your shamed and dated fame is lacerated with doubt
And lo! We've seen through your emptiness and giddiness
in the making of you
"But I have made it!"
I cut you down and you're still tainted famous
And I will take you through the rusted valley
of your failures

Step back and take a minute to yourself
You seem a little bewildered by your fall
If you get away, make sure I make the highlights?

And I'll...I'll bust out in a paper suit of arms
and climb into the frame you're wasting with your lecherous life
And I'll have made it!
I cut you down and you're still tainted famous
But I have made it, there's something wrong
There’s nothing here but glitter, shit and
little shards of life

We'll run the lens begin
Through all the middle, little million pieces of your life
You've taken everything, you've touched it and it's died
I framed it

Step back and take a minute to yourself
You seem a little bewildered by your fall
We'll run it again when it seems you've got your breath
We'll take it away the second that you're made up
and waiting for your close up
Track Name: We Angled Our Shadows And Cast Them In Stone
There, under your clothes and close to your heart
I found a life
That I've wanted so long, I want to grow old
and have you around
Well, I caught you staring at me, you laugh
at something unsaid
With a wink to assure you me you freeze
and play dead
Down, under the sheets, is where we will live
and where we might find
a home, to keep out the cold, to keep us growing old
for the rest of our lives

The sun's busting in on a sad wind so run...

South, south of this place, under Tuscan stars
we ran through the streets
With our feet miles above ground we tore
through it's walls
We angled our shadows and cast them in stone
Without a care in the world we froze
and played dead

The suns busting in on a sad wind to run us around
But I've made a pact with your heart
to keep us aground
Track Name: Fool
I'm cheap, but I'm a thrill, you'll remember me
I'm sweet but I can be the bitterest pill
you'll ever meet
Ill leap without a net into the arms of evil folk
My lungs will fail in an effort to sustain
the last words I'll speak

I'm perfectly aware of why I should go
I cause time to buckle and to swear and hold
your name to it's chest

The moment I wake it's always the same
I won't give in to thinking I'll win

Day breaks the night in two
You've a heavenly smile
I'll make it up with you
You're tender in your eyes
I'll build
a castle from your tears
A fool
with the best of intentions I'll wake up
Track Name: Step-out
I've got a million things to do before
I can slice this world into two pieces
that'll cut you til you're cured
and you'll never pin it on me
'cos I'll be a million miles ahead of
the pack with my tail between my legs
I'll be a murderer to those who'll cry
and a saviour to all those
who'll never pin it on me

Step out, down of forever
the California sunlight
will kill you, so kill us another
Step down out of the sunshine

I've got a couple of things to do
before I will be truly through with you
You, you watch with a kind of nervous tick (tock)
no, you'll never take it from me, not me
I keep it locked inside my head
beat back, see my tail lights pull away
I'll be a criminal to those who try
but hear these words, no
no word of a lie

A tear of my cloth won't dry your eyes
The warmth of my breath will make you cry
The crush of my arms, the ants way down below
Thieve your softly worn smile, run for miles
and we float
Through ages, lost for words and time shuts
down our life lines...
Track Name: Last Day On Earth
Blow me away with a lilt from your lips
Let a new note ring out with every kiss

I was always bound to you
for hours, forever
I’d dance with you

On our last day on earth
wake me up with a first touch of love
and a notion to teach me all the lessons you've learned
I'm a mute, I'm a fool, I'm indecently sworn to you

Holding on, holding tight to the
last glimpse of light, I'm amazed
I've found life in the strangest place

I'll be gone soon; I've got nothing to lose
with a promise that I'll spend my life with you
Track Name: Holy Wars
Oh my gosh, please make it stop
Caught you staring at me with more hatred in your thoughts
You really really ought to count
to 10 before you're lost

Send me to sleep with an old Beatles song
Cut me at the chorus and I know we'll get along
Mark all my friends in Yellow Hi-lites

A Holy War that's worth the fight
you realise, will kill us?

Maybe then I'll figure what the middle 8 is for
It’s left me counting tiles between the crackings on the floor
Mark all my friends in Yellow Hi-lites!

Caught in the middle, your stomach is aching
Your heart is ripped open, you realise
You’re still alive

Don't cross the streams unless you want to die!
Track Name: Leave A Last Kiss
Sweetness, leave a last kiss on my neck
I'm lost without a show of faith
If my heart swells with thunder, shoulder it
and slay its anger with your love
I'll tear through the shadows of lesser men
and waltz in the blood of their fall

You, lead your life with all the honesty you can raise
I'll ride beside your side
I'll wait as long as you will wait, we'll find out what to do with this life
Track Name: Vapour Trails
I was flying high through some vapour trails at night
You were way below
With every extra breath I would rise another mile
The city peeled away as I fell up through the sky
and I caught it unaware
I let off a hail that washed away its colours

I watched down on the wave of hate
The red ran riot through the town
I pulled you up and sat you down
on top of a cloud

With my hands over your eyes I showed you what I'd done
to the streets way down below
You let out a tear that washed away my colours

But in a moment the matter was over
I ran around and danced alone
You came up behind me and told me you loved me
I fell to earth without a sound
You picked up the pieces and put me together
We ran like hell and caught another vapour trail
Track Name: Aliens...
'cos we're like commandoes
Engaged in our stealth modes
No trace of our Past
Skimming through insides
Relenting with side steps
Can't trace our way back

I mow through the chrome, caught myself in...
2 limbs wrapped around, your name in...

'cos Aliens kicks in
it's something we've both seen
I hope it ends soon
2 limbs wrapped around me
Your name in the screen
is all I can see
Track Name: Don't Give Up, Stupid
Underneath an aching August sky, I held out your hands
Rain ripped down through out the night
as we drew up a fire

I lay down beside the naked flames and we mapped out a life
We pulled stars down and drained the sky
of light to keep us warm

Then I caught fire

Don't give up, stupido; you've half your life ahead of you

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